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Why Is It Called

First, understand that we do not condone damaging or straying from a trail! The very nature of offroad driving brings with it some very specific problems -- damage you can get to your vehicle just by setting a tire on a trail. That's "trail damage" and, thankfully, our damage is usually limited to a scratch or dent and even those are few and far between. We count ourselves lucky, and we reward the special members who have had a particularly rough time but came out of it with flying colors.

We follow the TrailDamage Rules at all times, and we do our best to help educate others we find on the trails, on the Internet, and in our neighborhoods. The beautiful environment we are fortunate enough to live in is very important to each and every one of us, and we will make sure we do nothing to change it for the worse.

We pick up trash whenever we find it, and if we encounter a trail section that looks eroded we will find another legal route or we will return the way we came. We want trails to stay open and safe for generations to come.

So Why Not Change The Name?

It does seem like a good solution to our problem. People often think the wrong thing when they hear our group's name, so why not change it to something less confusing? The real answer comes down to cost and the simple fact that once a new friend understands we mean damage on the trail and not to the trail it's no longer an issue.

Why Did You Pick The Name In The First Place?

Unfortunately no one realized the negative connotations until we were pretty well-established. Also, finding a good domain name and group name for an offroading club that is easy to remember and not already taken is a very difficult task. Bottom line, we didn't realize people would take it the wrong way.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story! We hope you enjoy your stay.

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