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Chicken Corners
San Juan County, Utah
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Trail Type: Out and Back
Nearby Towns: Moab
Nearby Trails: Hurrah Pass, Lockhart Basin, Jackson Hole
Season: Year Round
Trail Length: 13.94 miles
Elevation: 3,946 to 4,488 feet

Recommended by Natalia

This is not a difficult trail but it has some amazing views and a short but intimidating hike on a ledge at the end that is optional. There are awesome views of the Colorado River and the end of this trail would be a great place to stop for lunch.

You must do Hurrah Pass or Lockhart Basin to get to Chicken Corners. It starts at the intersection of Hurrah Pass and Jackson Hole, and it is not very long (it takes two hours or so to run out, do the hike, and come back). It starts as an easy trail, much like Hurrah Pass. There are some bumpy parts as well as some sandy parts that are fun with some speed.

The only mildly challenging part is right before the end of the trail where you are forced to be fairly close to the edge of a cliff for a brief moment. It opens up again and you find yourself at a turnaround at the end of the driveable trail.

From here you can walk on foot along the true Chicken Corner. It is a very narrow foot path on a cliff and is not for people afraid of heights. Once you get around the cliff you are at a wide open spot. This hike is not very long.

Across the river from the end of the trail is Dead Horse Point Overlook. This is where they shot the final scene from the movie "Thelma And Louise" where they drove their convertible off the edge of a cliff.

Information last updated on October 3rd, 2013.

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Driving Directions

From the McDonald's in Moab take Kane Creek Road and follow signs to Hurrah Pass, then follow signs to Lockhart Basin. The trailhead to Chicken Corners is at the three-way intersection of the trails.

Meeting Places

Meet at the McDonald's at Kane Creek Road and Main Street in Moab.

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High-End Rating: 3
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