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Canadian River
Potter County, Texas
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Nearby Towns: Amarillo
Season: Year Round

This isn't really a trail, but more of a large rally area of trails which criss-cross one another in infinite directions in a compact area near the river by Highway 287. It is a maze of paths, some of which are only big enough for ATVs and motorcycles while many others are easily big enough for a Jeep or a full-sized truck. There is no particular route, you just go around and explore. There are a few hills with a few steep hill climbs, and even some rocks thrown in on some of the climbs. There is also plenty of mud, with some rather deep mud bogs that can easily suck in even the largest trucks with the biggest tires. Be careful in the muddy sections as they are worse than they look, and the silty Texas mud can eat your rig in an instant. Make sure you have a friend willing to pull you out if you decide to tackle one of these deceptively sticky holes.

There are places to camp in this area as well, and plenty of room to park your tow rig and unload. This appears to be a popular destination for those riding motorcycles and ATVs, as well as the occasional monster mud truck.

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Driving Directions

From Amarillo, take Highway 287/87 north out of town. After approximately 15 miles you will come to a turnoff on the right (east) side of the highway just before a bridge over the Canadian River (this is the only substantial bridge you'll encounter after leaving Amarillo). Take this turnoff. There is a large open area at the beginning where you can air down and disconnect.

From Dumas, take Highway 287/87 south out of town. Approximately 15 miles before you reach Amarillo, you will see a large bridge going over the Canadian River. Immediately after crossing the bridge, take a right through the opening in the divided highway and go down into the trail area on the east side of the highway. The entrance opens up to a large area where you can air down and disconnect.

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Trail Photographs

Big Mud Hole Overlooking The Canadian River Dirt Rally Area

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