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Metal Masher
Grand County, Utah
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Nearby Towns: Moab
Nearby Trails: Gemini Bridges, Bull Canyon, Gold Bar Rim, Arths Pasture
Season: Year Round
Trail Length: 10.64 miles
Elevation: 4,862 to 5,725 feet
Named Obstacles: Tailpipe Hill, Rock Chucker, Mirror Gulch, Climb Challenge, Widowmaker, Mother-In-Law Hill

Recommended by Mark G.

This trail has challenges for every type of vehicle, with bypasses around the really difficult obstacles. This makes for a special kind of trail that can be enjoyed by groups with all different kinds of vehicles. It's also close to Moab and packed with gorgeous views.

This trail starts past the entrances to Gemini Bridges and Bull Canyon. The beginning of the trail is a mellow, dirt road much like the road on the way in. The first optional obstacle is the Sand Ledge, a large hill of slickrock with a dip at the bottom. Many vehicles will find it difficult to back out and away from this hill as they will get stuck on the rock you need to cross to get to the hill. The bypass is smooth and easy.

After the Sand Ledge you will need to watch for Tailpipe Hill. The main trail bypasses this small but difficult obstacle as you go by it, but you should be able to see the black tire marks on it to the right of the main trail. This steep hill of slickrock has a ridge of rock at the bottom that makes it difficult to impossible to bump your way up the obstacle. If you don't make it and you have to back down, you can easily catch things like your tailpipe or spare tire. Be sure to take D-rings off of your rear bumper before attempting this optional obstacle.

It isn't too far past Tailpipe Hill when you come to a large rock slab with Rock Chucker on your right. The main trail goes past this optional obstacle, but it's a fun one to try. It is a series of big steps to the top of a large slab of rock. Once you get to the top you circle around and down to where you started, and the way down is very steep and slick with sand. This whole area is a great place for lunch and watching other groups.

Just past Rock Chucker you'll come around a corner and see tire marks going up a very narrow area between jutting rocks. This is Mirror Gulch, a long series of obstacles including climbs and ledges, many of which are very tight. The most difficult one is at the very top, and you may find it easier to take the line on the left and get a little tippy rather than go straight through it. This series of obstacles is not optional and there is no bypass. Additional clearance and lockers will make this obstacle an easy one.

After Mirror Gulch is the Climb Challenge, a long hill of slickrock ledges and bumps. There are a few lines through it, and some lines are quite extreme. If you take the easier switchback at the top, take care not to drop your rear tire in the hole there as it could easily flip your vehicle over.

Soon the trail takes you very close to the edge of the cliff. This first place is wide enough for parking and this is a fantastic overlook. You can see Moab to the far right, Highway 191 and Gemini Bridges Road below you, and I-70 far to the left. The views are really amazing. At this point it is important to stay along the side of the bluff and not follow any spurs that take you away from it.

The trail between the cliff's edge and the intersection with the Widowmaker bypass is very bumpy and slow-going, but very scenic. It isn't long before you find a sign for the Widowmaker bypass road that turns to the left. Note that Widowmaker is a steep hill of slickrock with sand at the bottom that is impossible for most vehicles, and all vehicles will risk a rollover if attempting it. There are no winch points at the top, so if you are attempting it you should have a vehicle at the top to connect to if you get stuck in the obstacle and can't back out of it. If the other vehicle takes the bypass they can drive right to the top of the obstacle without any issues. To get to the top of Widowmaker, take the bypass and turn right at all intersections. There is plenty of parking room near the top.

To get to the bottom of Widowmaker, you will see a steep, sandy hill first. Climb this hill and work your way through a tippy and loose section at the top. Even this unnamed obstacle is dangerous, and a few vehicles have rolled off of the side at this point. A spotter here is highly recommended. Once you're through it, turn left to get to the bottom of Widowmaker.

Widowmaker is a slick, sandy hill about seven or eight feet from the sand at the bottom to the top of the slick section, with another small obstacle of ledges once you reach the top. It is very difficult but it is possible. Be careful if you slide to the right, as you can get wedged between Widowmaker and the huge rock at the bottom. If you are hopelessly wedged you will probably need to be towed or winched up to the top of the obstacle.

After Widowmaker, continue straight where the Widowmaker bypass joins from the left. Follow the trail out as it becomes easier and faster. The last obstacle is the optional Mother-In-Law Hill, a fun play area that can be bypassed. There are many different lines up and down the hill, and some are extreme.

Once you finish the trail, you can turn left to get out to the easier roads or continue straight on the Arths Pasture trail if you want to continue the fun all the way to Highway 313.

Information last updated on June 10th, 2008.

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Driving Directions

From Moab, take Highway 191 north to the parking lot on the left made of red dirt. Follow this red dirt road up and over the bluff past Gooney Bird Rock high above the flat dirt road (the road edges up against the base of the rock). When you come to the first major intersection turn right to go up the hill and follow signs to Gemini Bridges. You will see signs to Metal Masher.

Meeting Places

Meet at McDonald's on Kane Creek Road and Main Street in Moab.

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Metal Masher (GPS Exchange File)
Metal Masher Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)
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Mother-in-law Hill (Google Earth Placemark)
Metal Masher Track (Google Earth Track)
Sand Ledge (Google Earth Placemark)
Widowmaker (Google Earth Placemark)
Tailpipe Hill (Google Earth Placemark)

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