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Fix It Pass
Emery County, Utah
San Rafael Swell
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BLM Road: 638
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Green River
Nearby Trails: Black Dragon, Devil's Racetrack
Trail Length: 17.8 miles
Elevation: 5,947 to 6,975 feet
Named Obstacles: The Hill, Little Rocks, Big Rocks

You can make a big, fun loop with Fix It Pass and Devil's Racetrack. The loop can be done in either direction, though it's easiest if you do Fix It Pass first. Fix It Pass has more dirt tracks, twists, and rock obstacles compared to Devil's Racetrack.

This description starts Fix It Pass on the south side of I-70 at the first intersection after leaving the highway on Temple Mountain Road. The trail starts by working its way northwest on an easy dirt road to cross the highway at an underpass. You'll pass the trailhead for Devil's Racetrack on the north side of I-70 near Locomotive Point, a big slice of rock that may look like a train if you squint just right.

This area is known as the Head of Sinbad, and you soon leave it to head into the San Rafael Swell mesas and washes. The first hill is simply known as The Hill and it is a fun descent. It can be loose and challenging in the other direction.

Once you're up on the mesa the trail is usually smooth dirt, often narrow, and always winding. Route finding is easy, and the travel is scenic.

The first intersection you come to is a "Y" intersection in Cane Wash. If you turn right and head into the wash you'll be doing the Cane Wash trail, a trail not yet featured here. Turn left and head back up into the hills to stay on the Fix It Pass trail.

The trail meanders some more and you eventually climb up to the Saddle Kiosk. This isn't the actual pass the trail is named for, but it's a great high point to take a look around. There is a bit of parking at the highest point near a kiosk with a detailed map.

The trail turns west and you have another fun hill in store before the trail turns south. There is a tall and narrow mesa in front of you -- this small but significant landmark is at the top of Fix It Pass. Head for this along the easy trail and you'll come to the Little Rocks, a fun section on the climb up to the pass.

From Fix It Pass, you'll be treated to some great views. Start down the switchbacks on the other side and you'll come to the Big Rocks, one of the biggest obstacles in the area. There are many paths through this chunky section, and some of them can be very challenging. There is no easy path. Though it is near the edge of a steep drop-off, the trail is usually fairly wide with options to keep you off of the edge. Erosion can change the trail from year to year, so be sure to watch your tire placement when you're near the soft sides.

After the Big Rocks you'll work your way quickly down to Coal Wash. Here, the trail turns sandy and flat. There are some fantastic camping areas in the wide and scenic wash. Be on the lookout for Swazey's Arch, an arch made of white sandstone to the right of the trail.

The trail ends at two other trails at a "Y" intersection. There are a few signs. To do the big, challenging loop, turn left and head uphill on Devil's Racetrack. To continue working your way northwest, veer to the right and stay in the wash.

Information last updated on June 6th, 2013.

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Driving Directions

From Green River, take I-70 west past highway 24 to exit 131. Turn left and follow Temple Mountain Road as it parallels the highway and then turns south. The trailhead is at the first intersection as you turn right.

Meeting Places

Meet at I-70 exit 131 at the kiosk.

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