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Eagle Rock
Teller County, Colorado
Pike National Forest
Pikes Peak Ranger District
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Forest Service Roads: 370C, 379
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Colorado Springs
Nearby Trails: Saran Wrap, Mount Baldy, Bull Park, Mount Rosa
Season: Year Round
Trail Length: 5.9 miles
Elevation: 10,101 to 11,309 feet

Recommended by John W.
Recommended by Steve B.

This is a great trail close to Colorado Springs in an area full of trails to explore. It offers some big challenges for rigs a little more than stock but still shows a good time to the bigger vehicles.

The entrance is just past a clearing about 14 miles down a washboard dirt road. It's easy to spot -- when you pass the reservoir watch for a small pond at the right of the road. The pond may be next to the turn off or you may have to drive through it (it is shallow), but this is the turn off to get to the Eagle Rock trailhead. Take this road past some camping areas and you will see a large dirt hill in front of you (this dirt hill is part of the Saran Wrap trail) and a road turning right. The road to the right is the Eagle Rock trailhead, marked 370C.

You can run Saran Wrap before doing Eagle Rock. It's a fun network of spur roads that connect to Eagle Rock in a couple places. You pass these connection points on the way to the true start of Eagle Rock (you see them going up hills on your left). All of those turns are part of the Saran Wrap trail network.

Eagle Rock starts out rocky and it isn't too far into the trail when you come up on the first obstacle. It is a sandy hill ending in rocks at the top. There are a few lines through these rocks, and a stock vehicle may have the most luck with the line on the far right. The most challenging line is through the big rocks on the far left side. There is a flat bypass to the far left.

After this obstacle you climb a steep, rocky hill with switchbacks. This is the only difficult section that does not offer a bypass. When you get to the top it is flat and you can get out to view Eagle Rock across the valley.

Continue on fairly easy trail with a few rocky areas. There is a fun intersection with the stream that is covered in rocks that are often wet and muddy, with tight, twisty areas that will cause full-sized vehicles some trouble.

When you get to the last obstacle there is a legal bypass to the right. The obstacle itself has a few lines through it and is much like the first one -- dirt and big rocks to climb.

You get to the top fairly quickly and find yourself intersecting with road 376. Turn right here to take this dirt road quickly back to the main road -- this is the shortest way out. Turn left to continue with the more scenic section of Eagle Rock.

If you turned left you will follow an easy dirt road around some wetlands. As always, stay on the trail -- even if you see other tracks leading off of the main trail. There is only one legal trail through here. After this short, scenic drive you will climb a rocky hill to a great view, then down the other side. When you get to the main dirt road you can see the dead end at a gate to your right, so turn left here. You will soon find yourself back at Gold Camp Road. Turn left here to go back to the place where you originally turned to get to the Eagle Rock trailhead, or turn right to go to the Cripple Creek end of the road.

Information last updated on June 11th, 2016.

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Driving Directions

From Denver, take I-25 south through Colorado Springs to take the Circle Drive exit at the south end of town (exit 138). Circle Drive becomes Lake Avenue as you follow it west. The road ends at the Broadmoor Hotel and a traffic circle. Follow the circle around to take a left turn and follow the road around to the left (south) side of the hotel. The road will then turn into Old Stage Road as you head west into the mountains. Continue on Old Stage Road until it turns into Gold Camp Road. The Eagle Rock trailhead is 13.7 miles down this graded dirt road, with the Saran Wrap entrance just past the Eagle Rock trailhead on the right.

Meeting Places

Meet at the Home Depot in the parking lot by turning right on Southgate into the shopping area on Lake Avenue. Those coming from the Denver area might want to meet on exit 184 off of I-25 at the Conoco gas station to the west of the highway.

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Small stream at the start of Eagle Rock On The Rocks Flexing on the rocks

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Eagle Rock (GPS Exchange File)
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