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Nellie Creek
Hinsdale County, Colorado
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Trail Type: Out and Back
Nearby Towns: Lake City
Nearby Trails: Engineer Pass, North Henson Road
Trail Length: 4 miles
Elevation: 9,279 to 11,411 feet

Though this is a fairly easy trail it can get pretty busy. It's the first trail you come to on Engineer Pass if you are coming from Lake City, and it's also an easy way to shave off a lot of miles if you are hiking to Uncompahgre Peak. The trail is narrow in most places, and passing can be a challenge. With that in mind, this is a pretty unique trail.

It follows Nellie Creek the entire way, and it crosses it many times. As it works its way up to the hiking trailhead at the end the 4x4 trail often merges with the creek, making for a fun and different experience.

The trailhead is easy to find and is well marked. It begins climbing right away, with most of the elevation gain in the first half of the trail. There are switchbacks that make the trail less steep in places, but it is still a climb. You work your way up the canyon and soon you get to the end of the 4x4 trail at a maintained parking area. There is even a pit toilet.

Park here for the start of a hike or return the way you came.

Information last updated on September 4th, 2009.

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Driving Directions

From Lake City, travel five miles down the Engineer Pass trail to the Nellie Creek trailhead on the right.

Meeting Places

Meet in Lake City at the Mocha Moose Coffee House.

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