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Green Ridge
Larimer County, Colorado
Roosevelt National Forest
Canyon Lakes Ranger District
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Forest Service Road: 177
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Rustic, Fort Collins
Nearby Trails: Kelly Flats, Sevenmile Creek, Bald Mountain
Trail Length: 14.71 miles
Elevation: 9,298 to 10,237 feet

It is important to note that this trail sees its lowest rating in the late summer and fall or when there has not been much rain or snow. In the spring and early summer, the trail is much more difficult because of additional mud. The trail is always muddy in quite a few spots, though there is the least amount of mud just before winter comes.

The trail marks the end of the "Mud Loop" that starts with Sevenmile Creek and Bald Mountain. However, Green Ridge can be run in either direction. It is slightly more challenging when run south to north as it is uphill in this direction. It is forest service road 177 for the entire trail.

If you start at the south end you will find a nice area to air down and leave trailers, along with a pit toilet. Note that the pit toilets along the pavement on the way there are probably cleaner, however. The trailhead is near Chambers Lake, but there are no views of the lake.

Pass through a seasonal gate and start the trail, with views of Lost Lake through the trees on the right. Most of the deep mud is at the south end of the trail, so you will find it first.

There are patches of deep and sticky mud, along with patches of watery mud puddles. Some of the mud has rocks on the bottom, and some puddles have smooth bottoms. You can easily tell what the puddle has in store by looking at the trees next to it. If they have mud splashed up on them for a few feet, they are smooth on the bottom.

Take note that almost all muddy areas have routes around them, but most of these routes are not legal ones. If you find yourself on a path that is not wide enough for a vehicle, you are not on a legal route. If you are on an ATV or dirt bike and you wish to bypass the mud, this probably isn't the trail for you. The trail usually goes right through the muddiest parts.

In between the mud it is usually rocky. Sometimes the rocks can get to a challenging size, made even more challenging by muddy tires. The hill climbs covered in rocks can be especially difficult when muddy.

The trail remains bumpy for the entire trip. At 11.7 miles from the trailhead you will cross some water that has fencing on both sides in an attempt to keep people on the trail. Stay on the trail by passing through the water and between the gap in the fencing. Just past this area is a "Y" in the road. Turn right to follow forest service road 177 and continue along Green Ridge. Optionally, you can take the left fork to the much easier forest service road 319 (Nunn Creek Road) that takes you out to Deadman Road 162.

Past this intersection, the trail is easier but still bumpy. You pass through one side of a big meadow, through some trees, and then to the other side of the same meadow. The trail ends here at an intersection with the Bald Mountain trail, marked with a wooden sign.

Turn left to take Bald Mountain out to Nunn Creek Road, or turn right to do the majority of Bald Mountain.

Information last updated on September 12th, 2015.

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Driving Directions

From Ft. Collins, take Highway 287 around LaPorte. Take Highway 14 left at Ted's Place and follow the pavement to signs to Glendevey at County Road 103. Turn right here at one of the only places with a turn lane. Take this easy road just under two miles to the trailhead at a parking area on the right.

Meeting Places

Meet at Ted's Place at the Conoco gas station at Highway 287 and Highway 14.

Additional Information

Low-End Rating: 4
High-End Rating: 4
Rock Crawling:
Dirt & Mud:
Water Crossings:
Cliffs & Ledges:
Climbs & Descents:
Other Activities:
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First Water Crossing Meadow Muddy

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