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Hurricane Pass
San Juan County, Colorado
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Nearby Towns: Silverton, Ouray
Nearby Trails: Poughkeepsie Gulch, California Gulch, Corkscrew Gulch, Picayne Gulch
Trail Length: 5.34 miles
Elevation: 11,531 to 13,238 feet

Though this is a short trail, the overlook is worth going out of your way for. This trail takes you over Hurricane Pass and connects Corkscrew Gulch to California Gulch and Poughkeepsie Gulch. It is easy if you do not take the overlook spur, however.

If you travel the trail from east to west, you'll start where California Gulch and Poughkeepsie Gulch end. The views of Lake Como are gorgeous from here and distracting as you climb, but be sure to pay close attention to your driving. The trail here is steep and falling off the edge would be fatal.

It isn't long before you reach Hurricane Pass at a sign, and then you head down the other side. You can see the trail stretched out before you. You soon come to the spur for the overlook, a trail to the left. Not long after starting this trail you will come to yet another intersection. This one is marked with a sign. Stay off of private property by turning uphill here, to the left.

The road to the overlook is often steep and rocky, and there are places where the trail has washed out to make some tippy ruts. This overlook spur is not as well-maintained as the main trail. You'll know you've reached the end when the trail simply ends on you. You can turn around here, but take care to stay as close to the actual trail as you can.

The views from the overlook are awe-inspiring. Hurricane Peak towers over you, with Hanson Peak very nearby. You can see the Hurricane Pass trail below you, and if you look on the other side of the overlook saddle you'll see the end of the Eureka Gulch trail. Here you can see where Lake Emma used to be as well as the remains of the Sunnyside Mining operation (see the Eureka Gulch pages for more information).

Carefully return back to the main trail and continue on. The trail is easy again as you gently descend. The trail ends at a "Y" where Corkscrew Gulch starts uphill and to the right. If you take the left fork of the "Y" you will take the easy way back to Silverton along County Road 10 that soon joins County Road 110.

Information last updated on September 20th, 2014.

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Driving Directions

Take California Gulch from Animas Forks to the trailhead, or follow Poughkeepsie Gulch south to the trailhead. These three trails all meet in the same place.

If you wish to run the trail in the other direction, take Corkscrew Gulch from Highway 500 or County Road 110 to County Road 10 from Silverton.

Meeting Places

Meet in the ghost town of Animas Forks, which has a pit toilet.

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