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Phantom Canyon
Fremont County, Colorado
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Nearby Towns: Victor, Cripple Creek, Canon City
Nearby Trails: Shelf Road, The Bank
Trail Length: 24.72 miles
Elevation: 5,850 to 9,749 feet

This is a very scenic leg of the Gold Belt Byway Tour that follows an old railroad bed. It's a great trail to do with the Shelf Road trail. Phantom Canyon is easier, but offers a different kind of scenery.

If you start at the north end, you will start from the town of Victor. The early trail is an easy dirt road that wanders through gorgeous meadows and stands of trees. The trail eventually gets more narrow and a bit bumpier, but there is almost always room to pass another vehicle.

There are clean pit toilets and a pull-out area near both ends of the trail. You can read a sign about the trail here, as well. There is also good camping in many spots along the trail.

You can easily imagine how beautiful the train ride must have been. Some spots are only wide enough for a single vehicle as you pass through sections blasted through the rock.

The most scenic section of the trail is the south half. There are a few tunnels through the rock that are only wide enough for a single vehicle, as well as a few bridges. One particular wooden bridge has a parking area just to the south of it, and you can get out to view the bridge better. This bridge has been restored nicely and it offers some fantastic photo opportunities.

Continue along the trail and soon the wide dirt road turns to pavement. Follow the pavement out to Highway 50.

Information last updated on February 11th, 2017.

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Driving Directions

If you are starting at the north end, take Highway 67 to turn left on County Road 81 to the town of Victor. This road turns into Phantom Canyon.

If you are starting at the south end, take Highway 50 to Phantom Canyon Road just east of the town of Canon City. Follow this paved road north until it turns into a dirt road where the trail begins.

Meeting Places

Meet at the Safeway at 1101 Highway 24 in Woodland Park.

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Trail Photographs

Colorful Southern Tunnel Wooden Bridge

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Phantom Canyon (GPS Exchange File)
Wooden Bridge (Google Earth Placemark)
Phantom Canyon Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)
Phantom Canyon Track (Google Earth Track)

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