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Sevenmile Rim
Grand County, Utah
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Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Moab
Nearby Trails: Monitor and Merrimac Buttes, The Pickle, Tusher Tunnel, Hidden Canyon, Bartlett Overlook, Hidden Canyon Overlook, Wipe-Out Hill
Season: Year Round
Trail Length: 10.07 miles
Elevation: 4,662 to 5,334 feet
Named Obstacles: Big Ledge, Butte Ledges, Tippy Slickrock

This used to be a very difficult trail to find but now it is marked with paint on the slickrock and signs on most intersections. The trail is now fairly easy to find, making it a much better trail.

To find the trailhead, turn off of Highway 191 just past the turnoff for Highway 313 on a dirt road with an area perfect for airing down. You can see a hill to the northwest with a dirt road on it. This is the road that takes you over the first set of hills to the trailhead. The trailhead is now marked with a sign.

The only major intersection that is not marked is the one at the base of the Big Ledge you drop down. This is a fun ledge and only the vehicles with the least amount of clearance will scrape on the way down. You should turn right at the bottom of this ledge.

Not long after the Big Ledge you'll work your way around to a part of the trail that is fairly close to the edge of the mesa. This is a good place to stop to enjoy the views but there is nowhere to park so you may not get to stay for very long if another group ends up behind you.

Be sure to leave the main trail and the edge of the mesa to go see Uranium Arch. The word "ARCH" is painted on the rock to your right, on the ground. It is easy to miss, but you should take this route down to the arch. There is a tippy drop-off on the trail just before you get to the arch, so be careful here. There is plenty of parking at the arch and the hike to get down to it is very short. Continue on the trail to loop back to the main trail up by the mesa's edge.

Not long after returning to following the rim you'll drive onto a slickrock slab with a crack running through it. This is the Silver Crack, and it's like the Golden Crack on the Golden Spike trail but much smaller. You can fit quite a few vehicles in the Silver Crack, side by side. This is a great place to test your suspension's flexibility.

After the Silver Crack you'll come to a major intersection. Continue straight to follow the main trail or turn left to go out to an overlook. The trail to the overlook is uneventful, and the overlook itself is not very impressive. You look out over the highway and you can see for a few miles, but the views from the edges of the mesa that you had earlier are quite a bit more scenic. Return from the overlook and turn north to continue on the main trail.

You'll be able to see the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes in the distance. You will eventually drive on the trail that goes between them, so you have a good reference point for awhile. To get there, take the long, dirt road.

There are two different ledges you can take to travel between the two buttes. There is a big ledge and a small ledge. The small ledge should be fine for most vehicles, but the big ledge is very difficult. There is sand at the bottom of the big ledge, and it will give all vehicles some troubles. After going up one of the ledges, you work your way across slickrock between the buttes to the other side.

After passing between the buttes you'll come to Burnt Toast, a couple of rock slabs that look like two slices of burned toast. They are right next to a ledge, and there is just enough room to squeeze between the Burnt Toast and this ledge. The trail is pretty tight between these rocks but most vehicles should fit through just fine.

After going through Burnt Toast you have two options. Watch for a very tippy section called the Tippy Dome to your right over a big slickrock face. Further down, just to the left of the main trail, there is a large dome you can go down instead. This section avoids the very tippy area, though it is pretty tight around a tree. If you do the tippy section you have the option of cutting down the slickrock in the middle or continuing on for a bit where it gets even tippier. Neither option is particularly easy or comfortable. The actual trail follows up and over the Tippy Dome, so this is the best route.

The trail ends at the intersection with the Wipe-Out Hill trail and the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes trail. The main Wipe-Out Hill obstacle is very nearby if you turn left on the Wipe-Out Hill trail, so most people elect to do this obstacle too after finishing Sevenmile Rim.

If you took the bypass to Tippy Dome you will end up at the bottom of the Wipe-Out Hill obstacle. If you do not wish to do this obstacle, continue to the left of the obstacle and follow the end of the Wipe-Out Hill trail out to the highway.

If you finish Sevenmile Rim going over Tippy Dome you will end up at the top of the Wipe-Out Hill obstacle. If you do not wish to do this obstacle, follow the entire Monitor and Merrimac Buttes trail out to the highway.

Information last updated on May 30th, 2009.

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Driving Directions

From Moab drive north on Highway 191 until you pass the turn for Highway 313. The turnoff is a wide gravel area just after this turn on your left.

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High-End Rating: 4
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View from the Overlook Monitor and Merrimac Buttes Uranium Arch

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Sevenmile Rim (GPS Exchange File)
Tippy Slickrock (Google Earth Placemark)
Big Butte Ledge (Google Earth Placemark)
Sevenmile Rim Track (Google Earth Track)
Small Butte Ledge (Google Earth Placemark)
Airdown Area (Google Earth Placemark)
Overlook (Google Earth Placemark)
Monitor Butte (Google Earth Placemark)
Big Ledge (Google Earth Placemark)
Uranium Arch (Google Earth Placemark)
Sevenmile Rim Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)
Burnt Toast (Google Earth Placemark)
Silver Crack (Google Earth Placemark)
Merrimac Butte (Google Earth Placemark)
Wipe-out Hill (Google Earth Placemark)

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