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Dome Plateau
Grand County, Utah
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Nearby Towns: Moab
Nearby Trails: Rose Garden Hill, Top Of The World, Dolores River
Trail Length: 34.67 miles
Named Obstacles: Again and Again Hill, Dome Wash

Recommended by Joey

There are many routes through this network of trails, and the route described here is one of the longest ones. Following this route without a GPS and the track featured on this page may be impossible. Have a compass and map with you, and simply explore the area if you do not have a GPS.

If you go out to Dome Plateau, you should make a point to see the second overlook. Also, if you wish to explore the Dome Wash (the reason for the high rating) you should also find that area. If you skip the optional Dome Wash the rating for the entire trail stays at the low end.

The trailhead is very easy to find. If you are coming from Moab, it is the first left turn immediately after crossing the Colorado River next to the old Dewey Bridge. There is room to air down, and the early trail is very easy to find.

As you work your way west, there is a banked corner in the sand with a sign marking the trail as Kokopelli's Trail. At this curve, you can go south to the first overlook. There is a nice set of optional ledges on the way there and back, and the overlook itself offers some nice views of the river. You can also see the Dewey Bridge in the distance.

Return to the main trail and continue west. Again and Again Hill is along this section of trail and it is not avoidable. However, there are two lines down it. The section on the left is bumpier than the one on the right, but the section on the right is steeper. There is plenty of room at the top and bottom to turn around and try the hill again, making it "Again and Again" Hill.

Soon after this, you turn from a main road onto a trail that isn't used very often. This turn can be very difficult to find. The trail as it is described here can be impossible to find without a GPS. It covers land that is rarely seen by people, following an old trail. The trail has many bushes and trees close to it in places, and your vehicle may come into contact with them. There are a few rocky areas and a fun hill climb, but otherwise the trail is easy.

Soon you come to a long stretch where you parallel the valley holding the highway and the river. Work your way to the second overlook -- a trip well worth it. This overlook is one of the best ones for viewing the area, with Professor Valley between you and the river and the Richardson Ampitheater beyond the river. You also have an amazing view of the Fisher Towers.

Turn back from the overlook and follow the main trail north. You may turn into some smaller trails, but you will primarily follow a wide and easy trail for awhile.

The Dome Wash is an optional section of trail that follows an old trail through a wash. There are obstacles in this section that are much more difficult than the rest of the trail. There is room to turn around before you are forced to do them, though, so you can drive down to see them first.

The turn for Dome Wash is at a flat area where the main trail makes a sharp right turn and up a hill. To do Dome Wash, continue straight on a little-used trail.

If you continue along the main trail and skip Dome Wash, you will find some old mining buildings along the way. Continue past the mining buildings a short distance to find the old mine. You can walk a few yards down into it before you find it caved in and closed off.

Dome Wash intersects with the main trail again after 1.4 miles. Turn left and head up the hill to go view the mining buildings and mine, or turn left to continue along the trail.

The rest of the trail features wide open spaces on the plateau, as well as some beautiful sandstone rock formations. It isn't long at all before you are back out on the highway. Turn right to head back to Moab, or left to head up to I-70.

Information last updated on May 16th, 2012.

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Driving Directions

From Moab, drive north to the turn off for Highway 128 that is just south of the Colorado River bridge on the north end of town. This is the same road that comes from the Cisco exit off of I-70. Take this highway until you cross the Colorado River next to the old Dewey Bridge. The trailhead is the road immediately on your left.

Meeting Places

Meet at the McDonald's at Kane Creek Road and Main Street in Moab.

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Dome Plateau (GPS Exchange File)
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Dome Plateau Track (Google Earth Track)
Dome Plateau Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)
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Overlook 2 (Google Earth Placemark)
Mine Shaft (Google Earth Placemark)
Again And Again Hill (Google Earth Placemark)
Mining Buildings (Google Earth Placemark)
Overlook 1 (Google Earth Placemark)

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