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Potato Salad Hill
Grand County, Utah
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Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Moab
Season: Year Round

This isn't really a trail. It is a single hill made out of rock, right next to the Moab dump. It's wide so there are a million different lines. Every line is difficult and some are very close to impossible.

Though a stock 4x4 vehicle could make it up the hill with some momentum, it takes a modified vehicle and a good line to make it up to the top safely. Do not attempt this hill unless you are prepared for the possibility of rolling your vehicle many times if you slip off of your line in a dangerous way. Vehicles of all sizes and all types have fallen off of this hill to the ravine below it.

This Hill is very popular during "Big Saturday," the Saturday during the Easter Jeep Safari. It is famous for many roll-overs and carnage, drawing large crowds and many takers.

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GPS Coordinates
(NAD83 Continental U.S. datum)

Potato Salad Hill N38° 33.797' W109° 30.894'  

Driving Directions

From Moab, go four blocks east on Center Street to East Street. Turn right and go south to Millcreek Drive. Turn left on Millcreek Drive to the stop sign at the cemetary. Go straight through the intersection and you will be on Sand Flats Road. Turn right at the next road, following signs to the Moab Dump. Follow this road until it turns into a dirt road, and then you find yourself on a large, flat area of gravel. This is the at the top of Potato Salad Hill. To get to the bottom, continue to follow the road on the far left to circle around to the base of the hill.

Low-End Rating: 8
High-End Rating: 10
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Dirt & Mud:
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Ladd on the Hill Kendall almost making it Aaron on the Hill

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Maps and Coordinates

Potato Salad Hill (Google Earth Placemark)

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