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Badger Creek
Fremont County, Colorado
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Nearby Towns: Salida
Nearby Trails: Minesweeper, Aspen Ridge

This trail is also known as "Left Fender" because it used to have a difficult obstacle on it named Left Fender. However, you can drive through the entire trail without seeing any obstacles. The trail was also split in two in 2006 when part of it washed away, but it was reestablished in 2007.

The trailhead is next to a large rock quarry that is gated and locked. The trail is fairly mellow and immediately starts uphill. Almost all of the beginning of the trail is much like a roller coaster as it takes you up steep hills and down others.

You cross under powerlines many times as the trail roughly follows them. There are a few rocks embedded in the trail in places, but nothing is large.

When you get to Badger Creek the trail makes a large circle, and this is a great place to stop for lunch. The trail itself continues down a little hill and through the creek. Take great care to stay on the trail as you work your way through and along the creek. If you are not sure where the trail is, get out and walk around until you find it. It isn't long before the trail continues out of the creek and onto more dirt road.

Right after you cross the creek there is a spur to your right that continues up a hill. At the end of the spur is an old copper mine. There is a parking area at the mine, and the mine is available for exploration. Please be careful, as mines are very dangerous.

Turn south when you are at a crossroads under some power lines. The trail continues south through private property until you reach the end at a parking area. Please be respectful while traveling through this area, and do not stop.

Information last updated on May 11th, 2008.

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Driving Directions

From Salida, travel south on highway 50 five miles to the town of Wellsville. Turn right on County Road 45 and immediately cross over the Arkansas River on a brige you can see just a few yards from the highway. This road will take you by a large mine and across the train tracks. Soon after you cross the tracks you come to an intersection with two roads on the left. Take the rightmost of these two left roads. There are informational signs across the road from this turn. Travel north to the gated quarry and the trailhead next to it.

Meeting Places

Meet at the open area next to the bridge on County Road 45 and Highway 50. There is room here for a few trucks and trailers.

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