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Mount Herman Road
El Paso County, Colorado
Pike National Forest
Pikes Peak Ranger District
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Forest Service Road: 320
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Monument
Nearby Trails: Rampart Range Road, Schubarth Road, Winding Stairs Road, Ice Cave Creek Road
Season: April through November
Trail Length: 10.55 miles
Elevation: 7,385 to 9,443 feet

This trail offers a bit of everything from the Rampart Range Road area, and it connects Rampart Range Road to the town of Monument and I-25. It's a great way into or out of the network of trails.

You can start at either end. If you start from the town of Monument, it starts as a main road through town, then starts its climb up and over to Rampart Range Road. The Monument side has many, many switchbacks once you pass around Mount Herman. None of the swithbacks is particularly tight or steep, and an SUV with decent clearance should do fine.

The first part of the trail is also fairly rocky, with some rutted sections. The switchbacks finally end when you get to the top, and the road really smooths out. The rest of the road is in much better condition, though there are some rutted spots. Be sure to watch for some really washed out sections.

There is yet another Balanced Rock at the top, right next to the road. This is not the same Balanced Rock you will find on the Balanced Rock trail or in the Garden of the Gods park. It is right next to the trail, and the top of it actually hangs over the trail.

Continue on the smooth road until you end at Rampart Range Road. This is a great trail for anything but a low passenger car.

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Driving Directions

From I-25, take exit 161 to Monument. Take 2nd Avenue west and turn left on Mitchell Avenue. Turn right on Mount Herman Road and follow it up as the pavement eventually turns to a dirt trail.

Meeting Places

Meet on 2nd Avenue in downtown Monument.

Additional Information

Low-End Rating: 2
High-End Rating: 2
Rock Crawling:
Dirt & Mud:
Water Crossings:
Cliffs & Ledges:
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Other Activities:
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