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21 Road
Mesa County, Colorado
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Nearby Towns: Grand Junction
Season: Year Round
Trail Length: 1.62 miles
Elevation: 5,676 to 5,700 feet
Named Obstacles: Monster, The Squeeze, Toyota Rock, Jeep Lane, Carnage Corner, Insanity

Recommended by Mark U.
Recommended by Pat M.

This is an extreme trail near Grand Junction, though you do have some options. Most of the obstacles have bypasses, and though the bypasses are generally not difficult they can be tippy or challenging. If you do every obstacle -- including Insanity at the end -- you'll do the 10-rated trail. The trail starts with some easier obstacles, then gets progressively more difficult all the way to the end.

21 Road is a true road in western Grand Junction, and you start off on pavement. It's a straight road heading for the Bookcliffs where the trail starts. Air down and leave trailers in the area where the smaller hills are, then keep going. The trail gets more and more difficult as you get further in.

The first obstacle is Monster, a huge rock to the right side of the trail. You can go around it, but even that is a difficult line. There is a bypass that lets you get completely past Monster and the bumpy section just past it.

Monster is a big, square rock that you can climb up and over. The drop-off on the other side is extremely long and you may be in mid-air for a second or two. If you go around, it's easy to get some body damage.

After Monster the trail is rocky in places but otherwise it's pretty mellow for a little bit. There are a couple of twin rocks that can be fun to play on.

The next big obstacle has a few options. To the left is the easy way around everything. In the middle there is a hill that is steep on both sides. On the right is a tight and extremely tippy path that is easiest, though it may cause troubles because it is so off camber. You can also go over some rocks through the early section to get some flex before taking the easy way around.

Next you come to a flat path in the dirt that has a huge overhang as it curves to the left. Just before you come back out in the sun is the Squeeze, an optional obstacle. It is very narrow, with many rocks to threaten body damage. It also has a curve in the middle to make things interesting. The most difficult way through it is over the huge rock at the very start instead of curving through it.

After the Squeeze, there are many sets of rocky obstacles, and each one is harder than the last. Most have bypasses, though.

Don't miss Toyota Rock, a huge rock on the right side of the trail. It looks like it's at a fork in the road, but the right fork dead ends quickly. Toyota Rock is a place where some Toyota trucks have been able to scale and park at the top.

Soon after Toyota Rock is Jeep Lane. There are some rocks you must negotiate, and then a slab to climb. There is an interesting alcove to explore, too, with some amazing camping possibilities. You could park many vehicles here in the shade for a great lunch.

Carnage Corner is a narrow section with no bypass, and this trail's low rating of 7 is because of the lack of a bypass here. You must go over some rocks in a very tight area, then over the top of a big rock. It is difficult to miss hitting the rock at the bottom that tries to smash your front corner.

The last bit is Insanity, an incredible wall of huge rocks. This is the toughest section by far, only passable by the biggest and most heavily modified vehicles. There is a bypass, though it is very tippy and loose.

Soon after Insanity you come to another fork. The left fork looks like it might be the trail, but it is actually the wash. Follow the easier right fork up a steep hill on a mellow dirt road. You have reached the end of the trail.

To get back to Grand Junction, take this mellow trail up to the top of the mesa, then back down. These dirt roads are best followed using the GPX track and a GPS. Turn right onto V8/10 Road at the major intersection you come to first, then 16 Road to Highway 50, which will then take you to I-70 east to get back to Grand Junction. V8/10 Road will also intersect with 13 Road, which would be a better road to take if you are going west on I-70.

Information last updated on May 29th, 2011.

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Driving Directions

Take I-70 to the west side of Grand Junction to exit 26 and Highway 6/50 west. Soon after this exit, turn right on 21 Road. Follow this straight road to the Bookcliffs and the trailhead.

Meeting Places

Meet at the Safeway at 681 Horizon Drive. There is a Starbucks at this Safeway.

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Low-End Rating: 7
High-End Rating: 10
Rock Crawling:
Dirt & Mud:
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The Squeeze Rocks Insanity

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