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Bunce School Road
Boulder County, Colorado
Roosevelt National Forest
Boulder Ranger District
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Forest Service Road: 105
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Estes Park, Nederland, Ward
Nearby Trails: Middle St. Vrain, Miller Rock, T-33A Plane Crash, Ironclads, Bright Trail, Rock Creek, Park Creek
Trail Length: 5.3 miles
Elevation: 8,204 to 8,841 feet

This is always a popular trail in the area and there may be traffic. It is popular because it is close to the Peak to Peak Highway and it is easy enough for most 4x4 vehicles, with a few rough sections to make it fun. It is a good trail for those new to offroading.

You can start from either end. The north end is where the actual old Bunce School still stands, and the south end is at Camp Dick, very near to the Middle St. Vrain trailhead. There are pit toilets and camp sites at this end.

Most of the trail is fairly mellow, with a few rocks here and there. There are a few sections that are rocky, requiring careful tire placement in anything but a modified 4x4 vehicle. It is a great place to check your vehicle's capabilities.

There are quite a few camping areas along the trail, most of them wide and flat.

There are a few good views along the trail, but you are primarily in the trees for most of the trail. You spend most of it surrounded by aspens and pine trees.

This is a popular trail in the winter as a trail to run in snow, and sometimes it can get very muddy.

Information last updated on September 25th, 2016.

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Driving Directions

Coming from the north, take Highway 7 south through Allenspark. Before you get to the turn for Highway 72 you will see a sign for a "point of interest" -- a brown sign with arrows. This point of interest is the Bunce School where the trail starts.

Coming from the south, take Highway 72 to Peaceful Valley and follow signs to Camp Dick. The trailhead is on the right just past the winter gates, going uphill before you get to the camp itself.

Meeting Places

Meet in Boulder at the Starbucks at 3033 Arapahoe Boulevard if you are coming from the south. Meet in Estes Park at the large public parking area just inside town if you are coming from the north.

Additional Information

Low-End Rating: 3
High-End Rating: 3
Rock Crawling:
Dirt & Mud:
Water Crossings:
Cliffs & Ledges:
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Other Activities:
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Bunce School Rocks in the Dirt Aspens

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Bunce School Road (GPS Exchange File)
Bunce School Road End (Google Earth Placemark)
Bunce School Road Track (Google Earth Track)
Bunce School Road Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)

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