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Weston Pass
Park County, Colorado
Pike National Forest
South Park Ranger District
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County Roads: 5, 7
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Leadville, Fairplay
Nearby Trails: Holy Cross, Wheeler Lake, Mosquito Pass
Trail Length: 26.5 miles
Elevation: 9,379 to 11,955 feet

This trail is not difficult though there are a few rocks in the trail that you may want to avoid if you do not have much clearance. Four-wheel drive is not necessary.

The views on this trail are incredible as you travel through a big, lush valley to the top of Weston Pass. The road is usually wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other, and the road is very well-maintained.

If you start from the Leadville side, you begin in a residential area on pavement. There are signs on Highway 24 marking the way to Weston Pass.

There are one or two sections where the brush may touch your vehicle. The initial climb is usually smooth but there are some sections with small stones in the road. There is also an area of old logs embedded in the road, but they are not difficult to climb over.

When you get to the pass there is a sign marking the altitude. You are surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the scenery is amazing.

You also see some old cabin remains here and there along the trip.

The trip out on the Fairplay side is very smooth and wide. You finish in another residential area.

Information last updated on October 18th, 2008.

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Driving Directions

From Denver, take Highway 285 past Fairplay and turn right on Highway 5. Highway 5 will meet Highway 7 where you will veer right to Weston Pass. From Leadville, travel south until you see Highway 7 and signs to Weston Pass on the right. Follow this through to Highway 5 on the left and Highway 285.

Meeting Places

Meet in Conifer on Highway 285 at the Bradley gas station.

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