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Johnny Park Road
Boulder County, Colorado
Roosevelt National Forest
Boulder Ranger District
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Forest Service Roads: 118, 118.1
Trail Type: Straight Through
Nearby Towns: Pinewood Springs
Nearby Trails: Miller Rock, Pierson Park Road
Trail Length: 6.7 miles
Elevation: 8,500 feet

This popular trail takes you closer and closer to Mount Meeker and Longs Peak as you travel west. There are two sections to this trail, giving you the option to join it about a quarter of the way in if you wish.

The eastern section is a fun one as it travels up a steep hill and then back down it. It does not take long before you are at the second entrance to Johnny Park Road visible on the right as you drive through the parking area.

Note that there are many spurs on this trail. Some of them lead to camping areas while others will dead end. You could spend a lot of time exploring the area. If you wish to stay on the main trail watch for red or faded red (pink) nylon ties around bushes and trees to mark the correct path.

There are some fun areas of rocks that can be made more challenging depending on the line you choose, but the trail is primarily ready for a stock 4x4 vehicle with a fairly flexible suspension. It is a bumpy trail so airing down is recommended.

The far end of the trail has an optional mud puddle that is very deep and watery. It usually does not smell very good. The bottom of this puddle is sticky so be sure to have a friend with you to pull you out if you get stuck. There are other puddles here and there that are also optional.

The views of Mount Meeker and Longs Peak make this a popular trail in the area.

Information last updated on July 19th, 2008.

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GPS Coordinates
(NAD83 Continental U.S. datum)

Trailhead N40° 15.758' W105° 24.172' 7264 feet
Big Mud Puddle N40° 14.336' W105° 26.456' 8335 feet

Driving Directions

From Denver take I-25 to the exit for Highway 66 to Lyons. Follow Highway 36 through Pinewood Springs and turn left on County Road 47 to Popes Hill. The trailhead is at a small dirt area on your left where you can park, and the trail itself is marked 118A.

Meeting Places

If coming from Denver, meet at the McDonald's at the Longmont I-25 exit 240.

Additional Information

Low-End Rating: 3
High-End Rating: 3
Rock Crawling:
Dirt & Mud:
Water Crossings:
Cliffs & Ledges:
Climbs & Descents:
Other Activities:
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Mount Meeker and Longs Peak Long Trail The Big Mud Puddle

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Johnny Park Road (GPS Exchange File)
Johnny Park Road Trailhead (Google Earth Placemark)
Johnny Park Road Track (Google Earth Track)

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