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Pat M.'s Page
Maroon 1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)

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Spring Creek, 7/8/2007
Click to preview this thumbnailClick to preview this thumbnail member since July 8th, 2007
Daytime Telephone: 970-424-0925
Evening Telephone: 970-433-6440
Address: 645 Ian Ct.
City: Grand Junction
State: Colorado
Zip Code: 81504
Age Range: 36-40
Workplace: Acme
Job Title: Crain Operator

Favorite Passengers: my wife or 4 kids, but now mostly my kids, now my wife has her own Jeep.
I wheel with a CB radio

TRAIL DAMAGE: none yet

Current Modifications

AGR power steering with ram
All Alluinum radiator
lifted 4" with 2" rustys and 2" body lift (for now)
on bord air
cold air intake
35" tires
finders cut out and rolled
tiraflex sway aways
costom built steering cross bar
after markit bumpers

Future Modifications

roll cage
4.5" tiraflex long arm
new seats, not shore what kind yet
new tires

Favorite Colorado Trail: 21 Road
Why? close to home

Favorite Utah Trail: Hell's Revenge
Why? fun trail, good views

Trails Conquered
(5 Trails)

Bear Basin
Bristol Head
Hurrah Pass
Nellie Creek
Spring Creek

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