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Monica's Page
Red 2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JK)

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Kelly Flats, 7/2/2016
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Click to preview this thumbnailClick to preview this thumbnailClick to preview this thumbnail member since June 3rd, 2000
Trail Damage of the Year winner in 2006
City: Westminster
State: Colorado
Workplace: Glowball Solutions
Job Title: IT Project Manager Name: OffroadGirl

I wheel with a CB radio AND a two-way radio

TRAIL DAMAGE: I have some good, deep scratches from driving through the tumbleweeds in Moab and catching a heavy tree branch on Ellis Jeep Trail, but otherwise only my skid plates have damage.

Current Modifications

4" TeraFlex Lift
37" Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Tires
Pro Comp Series 5001 17x9 Wheels
Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks
5.13 Gears
Tom Woods Front Drive Shaft
ShrockWorks Stubby Front Bumper
PIAA Fog Lights
ShrockWorks Rear Bumper
ShrockWorks Rock Sliders
Rock Hard 4x4 Ultimate Sports Cage
EVO Manufacturing Aluminum Rear Rockskin Corners
Poison Spyder Steel Crusher Flares
Chromoly Axle Shafts, Front and Rear
Chromoly Tie Rod
High Steer Drag Link
Synergy Heavy Duty Ball Joints
Axle Sleeves, Gussets and Truss
Warn XD9000i Winch
Viking 100' x 3/8" Synthetic Winchline
Kilby AirBoss On Board Air
Skid Row Engine/Transmission Skid Plate
Skid Row Front Lower Control Arm Skid Plates
Rugged Ridge Muffler Skid Plate
Kilby Evaporative Canister Relocator
Riddler Differential Covers
Truck-Lite LED Headlamps
Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure
Hoodlift with Gas Springs
Bestop Trektop Pro Hybrid Soft Top
MOPAR Half Steel Doors with Zippered Windows
MOPAR Full Steel Doors with Glass Windows
MOPAR Heated Seats
MBRP Spare Tire Enforcement Brackets
HighRock 4x4 Rocker Trim
Superchips Flashpaq
OEM In-Dash Navigation
MyGig Hard Drive and Subwoofer
Leather Seats with Supplemental Air Bags
ARB 50-Quart Fridge Freezer
ARB Fridge Slide
ARB Transit Bag
Uniden CB
Firestick II CB Antenna
Garmin Oregon 450t GPS
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Camera
Sony HDR-AS15 Action Video Camera

Future Modifications

Rock Hard Gas Tank Skid Plate
Lap Belts
K&N High-Flow Intake System

Favorite Arizona Trail: Chivo Falls
Why? It's a fun trail that challenges you at the end to keep going until you and your rig can't go any further.

Favorite Colorado Trail: Sidewinder
Why? Even though the trail is pretty short it really packs a punch. It's also far enough from Denver to keep the yahoos away, but close enough so it doesn't take all day. This trail is a blast!

Favorite Utah Trail: Kane Creek Canyon
Why? It's got everything, from water crossings to big views to fun rocks. You can't beat a trail like that, and it's right outside of town.

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See Monica's former AWD (Nissan Murano SL)
See Monica's former 4x4 (Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ)

Trails Conquered
(509 Trails, 835 Total Runs)

21 Road
Adams Lake
Alpine Plateau
Alta Lakes
Apishapa Canyon
Arch Canyon
Area BFE
Argentine Pass
Arths Pasture
Aspen Mountain
Aspen Ridge
Badger Creek
Badger Flats
Balanced Rock Road
Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain Gulch
Bald Mountain Loop
Ballard Road
Bangs Canyon
Barbour Fork
Bard Creek
Bartlett Overlook
Bassam Park
Battlement Mesa
Beaver Creek Road
Beaver Ridge
Beef Basin
Behind The Reef Road
Behind The Rocks
Benson Cabin
Big Bucktail Creek
Big Water Canyon
Bill Moore Lake
Black Bear Pass
Black Dragon
Black Dumps
Blanca Peak
Blanding Cutoff
Blue Lake
Blue Mesa Cutoff
Blue Ridge
Bocco Mountain
Bockman Road
Bolam Pass
Book Cliffs
Bordenville Gulches
Boreas Pass
Boulder Mountain
Bowen Lake
Breakneck Pass
Brewery Hill
Bright Trail
Buckhorn Draw Road
Buckhorn Mesa
Buffalo Pass
Bull Canyon
Bull Mountain
Bull Mountain Road
Bull Park
Bunce School Road
Burch Canyon
Butler Wash
Cache Valley
California Gulch
Camway Trail
Carbonate Hill
Caribou Creek
Carnage Canyon
Carrizo Canyon
Cascade Creek
Castle Gulch
Castle Rock Gulch
Cathedral Valley
Cave Trail
Cedar Mountain
Cedar Mountain Road
Cedar Wash Road
Cement Creek
Cheese and Raisins
Cherokee Park Road
Chicago Influence
Chicken Corners
Chihuahua Gulch
Chimney Rock
China Wall
Chinaman Gulch
Chinns Lake
Chivo Falls
Chubb Park
Cinnamon Gulch
Cinnamon Pass
Circle Bar Basin
Clear Lake
Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
Cliff Hanger
Clinetop Mesa
Clohesy Lake
Cloverdale Mine
Coal Canyon
Coal Wash
Coffee Pot Road
Colorado River Overlook
Comb Ridge
Comb Wash
Coney Flats
Cook Creek Rim
Copper Creek
Copper King Road
Copper Ridge
Corkscrew Gulch
Corral Creek
Cottonwood Canyon
Cottonwood Canyon Loop
Cottonwood Canyon Road 400
Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Trail
Cottonwood Wash
Cove Canyon
Crescent Lake
Crooked Creek
Croton Road
Crystal City
Crystal Geyser
Crystal Mountain
Cumberland Gulch
Dakan Road
Dave Wood Road
Dead Mexican Park
Deadman Road
Death Ridge
Deep Creek
Deer Creek
Democrat Mountain
Devil's Canyon
Devil's Lane
Devil's Racetrack
Diemer and Sellar Lakes
Dolores River
Dotsero Crater
Dry St. Vrain
DS Road
Eagle Canyon
Eagle Rock
Eagle-Thomasville Road
Eagles Nest
Eldorado Mountain
Elephant Hill
Elk Ridge
Elkhorn Mountain
Elliott Ridge
Ellis Jeep Trail
Engineer Pass
Eureka Gulch
Eva Conover Trail
Eye of the Whale
Factory Bench Road
Fall River Road
Farwell Mountain
Fern Creek
Fiftymile Bench
Fins & Things
Fireman Hill
Fix It Pass
Flat Iron Mesa
Flint Trail
Flume Creek
Four Arches Canyon
Frying Pan Ridge
Fulford Cave
Fuller Bottom
Galena Gulch
Gamble Gulch
Gateway Road
Gemini Bridges
Geneva Creek
Georgetown Ice Races
Georgia Pass
Geyser Pass
Gillespie Gulch
Glacier Ridge
Glencoe Ditch
Glenwood Canyon Bypass
Gold Bar Rim
Gold Basin
Gold Run Gulch
Golden Spike
Goodenough Gulch
Goose Creek Road
Gordon Flats
Gordon Gulch
Gould Mountain
Governor Basin
Grand Bench
Grand Junction Desert
Gravel Mountain
Green Day
Green Ridge
Green River Cutoff
Greer Road North
Greer Road South
Grizzly Jeep Trail
Grizzly Lake
Gross Reservoir
Guanella Pass
Hackett Gulch
Hadden Flat
Hagerman Pass
Hahns Peak
Halfmoon Creek
Hall Valley
Hancock Pass
Hanks Valley Road
Hans Flat Road
Happy Platte
Hardscrabble Mountain Road
Hayden Pass
Head Of Sinbad
Heart Lake
Hell Canyon Road
Hell Roaring Rim
Hell's Revenge
Hermit Pass
Hey Joe Canyon
Hidden Canyon
Hidden Canyon Overlook
Hidden Lakes Road
Hidden Splendor
Hidden Valley Road
High Trail
Hohnholz Lakes
Hole In The Rock Road
Hole In The Rock Trail
Holy Cross
Horse Mountain Road
Horsefly Point
Horsethief Point
Hotel Gulch
Hotel Mesa
Hotel Rock
Houser Road
Humbug Hill
Hunkidori Mine
Hurrah Pass
Hurricane Basin
Hurricane Pass
Ice Cave Creek Road
Illinois Gulch
Imogene Pass
Independence Trail
Iron Chest
Italian Creek
Jackson Hole
Jarosa Mesa
Jefferson Cutoff
Jenny Creek
Johnny Park Road
Johns Canyon
Jones Pass
Kane Creek Canyon
Kawuneeche Road
Kelly Flats
Keyser Creek
Kingston Peak
Klondike Bluffs
La Sal Pass
Lands End
Lathrop Canyon
Lead King Basin
Left Hand Canyon
Left Hand Collet Canyon
Lenhardy Cutoff
Liberty Trail
Lily Lake
Lime Creek
Lime Ridge
Little Canyon
Little Muddy Creek
Little Wild Horse Canyon
Loch Lomond
Lockhart Basin
Long Canyon
Long Hollow Road
Long Slough Reservoir Road
Longwater Gulch
Lost Canyon
Maggie Gulch
Main Elk Creek Road
Mammoth Gulch
Manhattan Road
Marshall Pass
Maverick Point
McAllister Gulch
McClellan Mountain
Medano Pass
Metal Masher
Metberry Gulch
Michigan Creek
Michigan River
Middle St. Vrain
Mill Creek
Mill Creek Rim
Mill Creek Road
Miller Rock
Mineral Bottom
Mineral Creek
Miners Basin
Miners Gulch
Minnie Gulch
Minor Threat
Missouri Gulch
Moab Rim
Moffat Tunnel Road
Molen Reef
Molly's Castle
Monitor and Merrimac Buttes
Moody Hill
Moon Gulch
Mormon Pasture Mountain
Mosquito Pass
Mount Antero
Mount Baldy
Mount Herman Road
Mount Princeton
Mount Rosa
Mount Zion
Nellie Creek
No Name Gulch
Nolan Creek
North Creek Pass
North Henson Road
North Sand Dunes Road
North Sand Hills
North Supply Creek
Notom Cutoff
Oh-My-God Road
Old Fulford Trail
Old Highway 90
Onion Creek
Ophir Pass
Owl Creek Pass
Oyster Shell Road
Paradise Divide
Park Creek
Pass Creek Pass
Peak 10
Pearl Pass
Peewink Mountain
Pennock Pass
Pennsylvania Gulch
Peru Creek
Phantom Creek
Picayne Gulch
Picketwire Canyon
Pickle Gulch
Picture Canyon
Picture Frame Arch
Pierson Park Road
Piney Ridge
Pingree Park
Pinhook Valley
Poison Spider Mesa
Poison Springs Canyon
Polar Mesa
Pole Canyon Rim
Pole Hill
Pomeroy Lakes
Poncha Creek
Porcupine 4x4 Trail
Porcupine Ranch
Porcupine Rim
Porphyry Mountain
Posey's Trail
Potato Salad Hill
Poughkeepsie Gulch
Pritchett Arch
Pritchett Canyon
Ptarmigan Pass
Rabbit Ears Peak
Radical Hill
Rampart Range Road
Rankin Gulch
Ray's Trail
Red And White Mountain
Red Cone
Red Elephant Hill
Red Mountain Pass
Red Table Mountain
Reds Canyon
Richmond Hill
Rimrocker Trail
River House
Road Hollow
Rock Creek
Rock Creek Hills
Rocky Point
Rollins Pass East
Rollins Pass West
Rose Garden Hill
Round Mountain
Rule Ridge
Russell Gulch
Rusty Nail
S.O.B. Hill
Saints John
Salt Creek
Sanborn Park Road
Sand Canyon
Sand Flats Road
Santa Fe Peak
Sapinero Mesa
Saran Wrap
Sawmill Creek
Saxon Mountain
Scharf Mesa
Schofield Pass
Schubarth Road
Scotch Creek
Secret Spire
Seedhouse Road
Seven Towers
Sevenmile Creek
Sevenmile Creek (Fourmile Area)
Sevenmile Rim
Shafer Trail
Sheep Creek
Sheridan Hill
Shields-McGee Loop
Shrine Pass
Sierra Madre CDT
Silver Creek
Sit Down Bench
Slaughterhouse Gulch
Slickrock Mesa
Slide Lake
Smoky Mountain Road
South Spring Gulch
Sovereign Loop
Spaghetti Lightning
Spring Canyon Bottom
Spring Creek
Spring Creek Ridge
Steel Bender
Stevens Canyon
Stillwater Pass
Stony Pass
Strike Ravine
Sugarloaf Mountain
Summit Gulch
Summitville Trail
Swan River
Switzerland Trail
T-33A Plane Crash
Tappan Mountain
Taylor Canyon
Taylor Pass
Temple Mountain Road
Tenmile Wash
Tepee Creek
Texas Flat
The Causeway
The Pickle
The Wedge
The Wickiup
Thompson Canyon
Thompson Park
Tincup Pass
Toll Road Gulch
Top Of The World
Tower Arch
Trail Creek Road
Transfer Road
Transfer Trail
Turquoise Mine
Turret Trail
Tusher Tunnel
Twin Cone
Union Canyon
Valley Of The Gods
Wager Gulch
Wagon Tongue Gulch
Warden Gulch
Waterboard Road
Webster Pass
Welsh Reservoir
Weston Pass
Whale Hill
Wheeler Geologic Area
Wheeler Lake
White Owl Lake
White Rim
White Wash Sand Dunes
Williams Pass
Williams Peak Road
Winding Stairs Road
Wipe-Out Hill
Withers Canyon
Wood Hollow
Woodenshoe Buttes
Wurts Ditch
Yankee Boy Basin
Yankee Hill
Yellow Cat Flat
Yoder Gulch

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