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Gary's Page
Yellow 1978 Jeep CJ-7

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Kingston Peak, 7/17/2004
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Click to preview this thumbnailClick to preview this thumbnail member since November 1st, 2003
City: Littleton
State: Colorado
Zip Code: 80127
Age Range: Over 65

Favorite Passengers: Betty (Elizabeth)
I wheel with a CB radio

Current Modifications

Howell Fuel Injection
2 1/2 Lift
33 x12.5 Good Year Tires
ARB Lockers on Both Ends
410 Gears
CV Drive Shaft
Automatic Transmission

Favorite Colorado Trail: Chinaman Gulch
Why? Chinaman Gulch and Holy Cross are the best trails I've done so far in Colorado.

Favorite Utah Trail: Golden Spike
Why? I've done 20 trails in Moab and several of them 5 or 6 times. The last trip we did a brand new trail called Eagle's Dare. It was close to Golden Spike with many obstacles and many very steep ups and downs.

Trails Conquered
(126 Trails, 188 Total Runs)

21 Road
Annie Basin
Argentine Pass
Balanced Rock Road
Ballard Road
Bard Creek
Battlement Mesa
Beaver Ridge
Bill Moore Lake
Birdseye Gulch
Blanca Peak
Boreas Pass
Buckskin Joe
Bull Park
Bunce School Road
Carnage Canyon
Cascade Creek
Castle Gulch
Cedar Mountain Road
Chihuahua Gulch
China Wall
Chinaman Gulch
Chinns Lake
Cinnamon Gulch
Cinnamon Pass
Clohesy Lake
Coney Flats
Crooked Creek
Crystal Lakes
Cumberland Gulch
Dakan Road
Deer Creek
Democrat Mountain
Devil's Canyon
Eagle Rock
Engineer Pass
Fern Creek
Fireman Hill
Flume Creek
Georgetown Ice Races
Georgia Pass
Gillespie Gulch
Goose Creek Road
Gordon Gulch
Grizzly Lake
Heart Lake
Hermit Pass
Holy Cross
Hotel Gulch
Hurricane Basin
Ice Cave Creek Road
Illinois Gulch
Italian Creek
Jarosa Mesa
Jenny Creek
Johnny Park Road
Keystone Gulch
Kingston Peak
Left Hand Canyon
Loch Lomond
Long Hollow Road
Lost Canyon
Mammoth Gulch
McClellan Mountain
Medano Pass
Metberry Gulch
Middle St. Vrain
Mill Creek
Miners Gulch
Missouri Gulch
Montezuma Basin
Monument Gulch
Mosquito Pass
Mount Antero
Mount Bross
Mount Herman Road
Mount Princeton
North Henson Road
Oh-My-God Road
Old Flowers Road
Park Creek
Pass Creek Pass
Peak 10
Pearl Pass
Peewink Mountain
Pennsylvania Gulch
Peru Creek
Phantom Canyon
Phantom Creek
Poison Spider Mesa
Pomeroy Lakes
Radical Hill
Rampart Range Road
Red Cone
Red Elephant Hill
Rollins Pass East
Rule Ridge
Russell Gulch
S.O.B. Hill
Saints John
Santa Fe Peak
Saran Wrap
Schubarth Road
Shelf Road
Sheridan Hill
Slaughterhouse Gulch
South London Mine
South Spring Gulch
Spring Creek
Sugarloaf Mountain
Swan River
Switzerland Trail
T-33A Plane Crash
Taylor Pass
Thompson Park
Tincup Pass
Trail Creek Road
Twin Cone
Wager Gulch
Warden Gulch
Webster Pass
West White Pine Mountain
Wheeler Lake
Winding Stairs Road
Yankee Hill

Favorite Movies

Gary Up Moab Hill

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