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These pages feature trails run by the members of (why that name?), a club based in Colorado. Here you can find information about trails in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Texas and Wyoming. Each trail page contains a description of the trail, as well as trail features like rock climbing, water crossings and mud. Pictures, maps, and Google Earth information (what is Google Earth?) are featured here, with many more pictures and movies within each Trail Report.

Latest Trail Report: Shelf Road on February 11, 2017

Open Area Tiny Waterfall View from the Shelf

Trail run by Matt K., Mike S. and Roger:
"Shelf Road was the first trail for us in the new year. Matt was hoping to add some miles to his new Jeep engine, but the engine didn't run after he installed it so he had his truck with him, instead. We started out the day by stopping at Cripple Creek for the Ice Festival. The theme for this year is "Safari In Ice." With the warm weather, they did not have many ice sculptures done yet as this was the first day of the Ice Festival. We did see a cool looking Jeep made of ice."

The Last Ten Runs

Featured Member of the Month: AJ

Member Photo

AJ has been a member of since July 4, 2015 when he ran South Spring Gulch with us. He drives a red 1995 Toyota Tacoma. Since he joined the group, AJ ran 10 different trails in 2015, and 3 different trails in 2016 for a total of 13 different trails. The last trail he ran was Turner Gulch Road on March 5, 2016. See AJ's member page for more pictures and information, including vehicle modifications and future plans.

Member Trail Recommendation

Ladd recommends Broken Arrow as one of our favorite Arizona trails (Coconino County):

Coming Down The Steps
Why does Ladd recommend it?
"Like Moab, but with more trees. Very busy trail, lots of tours, but still fun to do."

Invite Only

The only way to join the club is to be invited by a current club member. We have quite a few members! We're not the usual kind of 4x4 club -- there is a small fee for the year only if you go wheeling, and there are no required meetings. We're just a group of friends who get together as often as possible to run trails in the area.

Trail Damage 2016 Winner

Matt on Big Water Canyon

The best Trail Damage of 2016 went to Matt running Big Water Canyon on May 14th, 2016. He couldn't have been much farther from civilization when he stopped, opened his hood, and pulled out a belt. His Jeep didn't want to run at that point, so Frank towed him out. It took about seven hours, but he made it back to civilization.

We don't have any 2017 contenders yet. See winners from previous years and Google

We like what Google does with mapping and satellite imagery, so we use Google Maps and Google Earth to provide even more information about the locations of trails and obstacles. Google Maps make searching for trails easier in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, California and Texas. If you really want to see it before you get there, use the Google Earth Placemarks and Tracks found on the trail pages of this site to check out the terrain first.

Get Stuff

The 2017 wall calendar is available for purchase! This year, we're calling out some of our favorite images of trails and scenery from 2016, and there are many calendar options to choose from. You can also buy a bunch of stuff with the logo on it, like clothes and bags. We have a lot of DVDs from our early years, too, if you are looking for specific photos at high resolutions. Check it out!

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Trail information is only accurate on the date posted. Trails may have changed or closed since that date. Use this information for historical purposes only. Contact the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management for up-to-date trail information.

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